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more perseveringly pursued, although his translation
of " Aristophanes " remained very fragmentary. But
he laboured the plan of giving a compre-
hensive picture of the Greek poetical spirit, with a
few characteristic features and some prominent ex-
amples in a special essay. He had read nearly all
the great poets more than once, and with great care,
But not wishing to aim at too much, he was to com-
mence only with the poetic spirit of the Greeks, with
their descriptive power, and in future essays treat
them in a more universal spirit. But of this little
could have been achieved, and nothing was published.
The only works which were printed were the transla-
tion of* Pindar's Fourth Pythian Ode, with introduc-
tion and notes, and a review of Schiller's " Almanac
of the Muses, for 1796." What a glorious time for
literature that was when Schiller edited an almanac,
Goethe was the greatest contributor, and "William von
Humboldt the critic!